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quote Dear Ngoc

We are now back home and just wanted to thank you for all your help in arranging our holiday in Vietnam. We were really pleased with all the arrangements you made for us and the advice you gave in planning our trip....


Maggie and Ian Rogers (UK)
August 16, 2007
Vietnam Tourist Festivals
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Long Tong Festival

On the night before the festival takes place, the representatives of families in the village and sorcerer perform a water procession from the stream to the village. ...


Hoang Cong Chat Temple Festival in Dien Bien Province

Palanquin procession, incense offering; Folk games: Pick up the fairy peaches, co phat (a kind of board games) playing, pole pushing, crossbow contest... ...


Dinh Thay Temple Festival in Binh Thuan Province

Vegetarian meal worshipping in the everning of the 15th day, vegetarian meal and meat meal worshipping on the 16th day, sortileging, casting a horoscope. ...


Do Gian Festival in Binh Dinh Province

Praying for good weather, happiness and wealth for villagers; sacrifice-offering ceremony, bĂ´i singing, souls-of-the-dead worshiping and do gian (an old custom of the local people in which the offering is roast pork ...


Khau Vai Love Market Festival in Ha Giang

This is the place for couples in the region to make a date, and it is also the place for former lovers to meet each other, and look for boy or girls friend. ...


Festivals in Bac Ninh province

Kham Festival, Bui Village Festival, Dai Than Village Festival, Quang Lam Village Festival ...


Festivals in Lai Chau province

Cam Muong Festival, Catching Fish Festival of the Khang, Harvest Festival of the La Hu in Lai Chau, Xen Muong Festival in Lai Chau ...


Tet of dancing of the Dao Do in Lao Cai Province

Three big families of Ly, Ban, Trieu arranged Tet of dancing at the head of the family’s house. The main ceremony is the dances which are performed by small group of young boys and girls ...


Festivals in Lao Cai province

Celebrating Victory Festival of the Nung Din, Com (young green glutinous rice) Festival of the Tay, Communal House Festival of the Tay, Going to the cave Festival of the Thai and Tay, Worshipping Forest Festival of the Nung, Xoe Dancing Festival in Ta Chai, “Going to the field” or Long tong Festival of the Giay, Thuong Temple Spring Festival ...


Festivals in Vinh Phuc province

Processions of the palanquins of Mrs. Trung Trac, Ms. Trung Nhi - the village's tutelary god, Mr. Cot Tung, two white elephants, one pink horse, one white horse ...


Festivals in Lai Chau Province

The spring festival days of the Laos in Lai Chau. People pray the gods of rivers and mountains, the ancestors' support for earning one's living easily. ...


Festivals in Dien Bien Province, Dien Bien Phu

Palanquin procession, incense offering; Folk games: Pick up the fairy peaches, co phat (a kind of board games) playing, pole pushing, crossbow contest... ...


Hai Duong Festivals

Every year, from the 15th to 20th days of the eighth lunar month, tens of thousands of people throughout the country flock to attend the Kiep Bac Temple Festival. ...


Festivals in Hoa Binh province

Vua Ba Temple Festival, Rice leaves washing Festival, Praying for rain Festival of the Thai, Praying for rain Festival of the Muong Hoa Binh province, Harvest Festival Hoa Binh Province, Cau Phuc Festival (Praying for good fortune Festival) ...


Festivals in Bac Giang Province, Bac Giang

Sacrifices-offering ceremony and displaying forge instruments, contest of running to vie for flags, vying for ball and giving a feast to the troops in the middle of communal house's yard. ...


Chu Dong Tu Festival in Hung Yen Province

The procession of 9 communes from communal houses to Da Hoa Temple; the water procession from Hong River (Red River) to Da Trach Temple of 8 other communes; trong quan singing. ...


Festivals in Phu Tho province

Gia Thanh Festival, Dao Xa Festival, Phu Ninh Festival, Phu Ninh Buffalo Fighting Festival, Hien Quan Phet Festival, Ha Thach Festival ...


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